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00123344640001 Feb 2009
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Tata Laksana Penanganan Kanker Payudara Terpadu di Rumah Sakit Ongkologi


In contrast to other diseases, cancer management needs a special approach. The initial management is a key factor to the patient’s prognosis. A mistake in the first approach can have irreversible implications. In addition, cancer treatment is expensive and the patients are in need of a human touch in their treatment due to the psychological implications of their disease. Therefore, high quality of service in cancer management (correct diagnosis, accurate intervention, appropriate choice of technology) is very important. To ensure this quality, appropriate management and solid team work among the medical team are quintessential. In a country as large as Indonesia with many geographical challenges, an alternative model of effective and efficient cancer management is needed to provide high quality care even to patients in more remote areas. To provide this special approach, RS Onkologi Surabaya with its “Boutique Hospital” approach, was set up in 1995. It is a slim organization, adjusted to the requirements of cancer management and patients’ need for access to high quality care. This paper provides a scientific report on quality control and cost control in breast cancer management as implemented at RS Onkologi Surabaya.

Key Words : Boutique hospital, quality control, cost control, breast cancer

Read more : https://www.indonesianjournalofcancer.or.id/e-journal/index.php/ijoc/article/view/110